• Vernon Noel

Starting Over

Most people leave the process of starting over to the New Year. There have been many plans started, many systems put in place to get us moving in this new decade.

How have you managed so far? Are your New Year's Day resolutions gone out of the window already? Have you started to kick yourself because you have failed already? Dry January - how are you doing? Been to the gym today?

I decided a few years ago that I would not make any New Year's Day resolutions but I would consider 'new day resolutions' instead. So whether it is the beginning of the year or month or week or day, that's a new start for me. You see, there is a period of unconsciousness that occurs at night which makes the daily new start unique. When you shut down your computer for a restart after downloading an update, it is advisable to leave it for about 12 seconds before booting it up again. At no time in the calendar do you have leeway for 12 seconds to change over to the new period of time - be it season or year or month or even day.

However, within the 24 hour day schedule, your body craves rest. And you give it the benefit of the doubt by sleeping for a few hours - some longer than others. At least your body gets the chance to reboot for a few hours. This then gives rise to a new start at the beginning of a new day. The majesty of a new dawn brings hope, promise, expectation and motivation to achieve what was not completed yesterday. Knowing that I am alive for this new day brings a feeling of awe and responsibility to make use of the relentless hours of this new day.

Each new day gives us the opportunity to start over, to renew ourselves and to set new goals to achieve. This new day has seen a website renewal and a this new blog feature.

What will you do for your new day? For your new start? When you pause tonight as you lay down to sleep, consider the fact that you now have some time to replenish your batteries and your soul. When granted the privilege of tomorrow, start over with vigour on you new day!

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